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The Gothic Portal is all about the dark side of life.
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Dark Gothic Information About:

The gothic history, and the different types of the gothic subculture, Real people talking about their most personal experiences in the dark side of life, such as gothic parents and goths teens at school, dark dating and whatever exist in their black minds.

Dark Gothic Inspiration:

For gothic dances such as the famous Gothique bellydance named "Raks Gothique", Unique music taste, Gothic poems and scary stories. Myth and philosophy that rooted deeply in the gothic subculture, Creatures such as gargoyles, vampires, zombies, dark animals, and other mysterious tales.

Dark Gothic Guides:

How to be a goth, Learning some dark dancing moves, Gothic fashion, Turning your backyard to amazing mysterious garden, Gothic architecture and house decoration And even how to modify your car to be more dark.

And much more dark gothic:

The Gothic Portal will help you to explore and understand the gothic subculture community as away of living.

The gothic subculture is very wide subject and come in all colors of darkness: Goths might carry coffin-shaped bags, visit cemeteries, enjoy dark humour, ghosts, horror, wear spider-web gloves, or even attempt to look a bit dead themselves. Many goths are artistic and enjoy artistic pursuits such as writing poetry, drawing, painting, making their own clothes and making music. Often the work of these gothic artists is dark in nature, but there's always variety.

Please note that this website is modified constantly since 2008. So i hope that as time passing by, you will see here more and more interesting articles about the gothic subculture. Right now they are over 190 articles hosted on this site. Please contact me if you have information, suggestions and questions. Together we can make sure that the Gohtic culture will live forever!