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The Gothic community has also created a growing organization called The Gothic Liberation Front. It presently primarily exists through myspace, but has grown from one main site to dozens of myspace GLF sites from around the world showing their support and offering a place to talk about both positive and negative experiences.

It pleases me that awareness is spreading and that perhaps, those within alternative subcultures will begin to be understood and be left alone. However, in my research of Sophie's death and the stories that surround it, it was disturbing to find how many have suffered at the hands of prejudice and even more unnerving to hear from those so violently set against those within the Gothic community.

I came across a page written by a man who frankly, gives Christians a bad name. He preaches about Gothics being evil, vampire and devil worshiping, bad people who prey upon the innocent. He states that Gothics "like to defy their feminine nature [specified to women] and behave in extremely aggressive ways, where [as] good Christian women know their place and live as good homemakers in the nest" (BC 2).

He says that Gothics are all about power. An interview of a young man is included who claims much of the same things and who says that to stop Gothics from thriving: the color black should be banned from schools, to create more Christian education schools, that no cliques should be allowed in schools (yet, he says that 'Jocks' provide a wonderful role model for children and that kids should be encouraged to be like them), to ban long hair (as long hair is "not Christian"), and the list goes on.

None of what he stated had any truth in it about the gothic subculture, and for those who are Christian, God encourages forgiveness and love, not hatred and vengeance. No belief should not be forced upon anyone, including Gothic people, and the fact remains that this man comes off as very uneducated in the ways of their lifestyle.

It scares me to think of a man such as him reigning over our country. And it is men like this one who become leaders or create blood bathes from the innocent and force conversion upon others (such as what happened to the Native Americans). And if someone can simply talk like that about the Gothic community, what are they capable and willing to do if ever given the chance. It is because of this and more that it remains of utmost important that education and respect of the alternative gothic subculture continue to grow and thrive around the world.

By: Courtney Lowe.

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