How You Can Become Gothic

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Please read my view about gothic stereotypes before you use this information.

Basics for hair, face and skin to become gothic:

Long hair is the most common in the gothic culture, but short hair will do. The object is to make it look creepy. Your style doesn't need to make sense. Just do a little shaving here and there and dye your hair black. Your skin tone should be ghostly and really, really spooky. Use eyeliner and dont forget the black color. Black adds a big effect to pale complexions.

Expressions and attitudes become more gothic:

It is very important to look anguished and filled with despair. The weight of the world and society is on Goths and you have to make your audience believe that you are to blame. Never ever smile. Smiling, would be equal to Arnold Schwarzenegger acting like mickey mouse. It would never work.

Accessorize that spookiness in a gothic way:

Select things that are unique and out of the ordinary, can be dangled from a pierced body part and some sort of metal like silver jewelery.

Practice some basic manners of the gothic people:

It is very important that you look good in subdued light. Get a candle and look at yourself in the mirror in a darkened room. Pose and Practice hand gestures which cast dark shadows, make slow movements and close your eyes slowly. Get a cape as soon as possible.

Social situations can be fun for gothics:

Goth dancing. It doesn't matter if it is slow or fast music, the moves are the same. Do Kung Fu moves, only slowly, Pretend you're a ballerina. This works for men, too!

Check yourself:

Do I feel spooky?
Would I frighten my friends and family?
Do I look like The Crow?
Could I dress like this for Halloween?
If you answered yes to any of these, you have the gothic look.

Gothic Portalgothic portalGothic Subculturegothic portalHow You Can Become Gothic