How People Become Gothic

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Crystal Become Gothic:

Well, I guess I would like goth for a reason. Right? I always found goth to be mysterious and attractive. Yes, I was an outsider. Yes, some teens labeled me as a witch once. I got to see my belongings burned in a fire, by my family. My parents and other adults beat me up and called me evil. Kids like to scream that I was going to hurt them. It was 'The Crucible'. They probably would have hanged me if it wasn't against the law.

I fell into some friends who were into weird things and rock music. So, I guess that helped the design. I love to collect goth items. I like a variety of things and a little bit of everything and goth is one of them. I do get those weird dreams sometimes about where the world is heading to. Becoming gothic is very important aspect in my life.

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Alejandra Become Gothic:

For me becoming a gothic person was being unwanted in my current lifestyle. So I went looking for one that suited me. I wasn't into traditional things that girls my age were into, I hated pink, I hated things that were deemed pretty because I didn't want to be pretty. I saw beauty in other things, things that others may be deemed as hideous. I like Krypt Kiddies, Living Dead Dolls and Bleeding Edge dolls, That is what I would have wanted as a kid instead of Barbie. I also write poems to help me see things, most of them deal with pain.

Gothic Portalgothic portalGothic Subculturegothic portalHow People Become Gothics