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Zig Become Gothic:

My own personal experiences with the gothic subculture:

I guess its kind of hard to be gothic around where i live, i mean its just a hassle to go down the street and everyone stares at you, which sometimes gets me paranoid. Though i know not to pay any attention to them.

When i became gothic about 2 years ago, i discovered who my real friends were, only about 2 people thought the idea of me being goth was 'acceptable' and so they're still my friends but a few people couldn't stand me being who i wanted to be. A couple of horrid, hateful emails received later and i was in home school.

I tried going back to school at the start of the year but a group of idiots yelled 'EMO' every time i saw them, and they even told another group of boys whom i had not even been acquainted with to do the same. Though it doesn't sound that bad and certainly not bad enough to go back to home schooling, i just got fed up with it and left.

Now the only time i get hassled is when i walk down the street. My gothic experience really isn't as bad as i know others have been but that's all i can come up with right now, so i hope it helps.

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Ali Become Gothic:

Hi, i found this wonderful site when looking up about the Gabrielle Faust book. I have been Goth since 1986 when I was 18/19. I never fitted in and loved the darker side of life and the night, I also adored Victorian clothes and longed to actually wear Victorian funeral clothes so when i discovered the music and clothes of Gothic subculture I was well away.

I still love Sisters of Mercy better than any other band, but their early stuff is the best, I am now 41 and still as Goth as ever I was. The dark, the night, the winter, the moon and old buildings, gothic subculture literature and gothic music. Best wishes Ali.

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