How I Become Gothic

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When i was a little kid i wasnt goth at first. I was afraid from the night like every other children. Instead of dreaming on good things like angels who is coming to save me i decided to do something else.

I believed that the bad things in life can be found only in the dark of the night, and that is the reason myself and many other people are afraid of evil creatures such zombies, vampires, dead people and killers. So i began to explore this gothic fear instead of running away from it. In order to do so i needed to become the fear itself, and this is how i started to enjoy the mystery of the goth world.

I discoverd that not only the devil habitat in the black colors of life, but also the other beatiful things like the quiet of the moon, the owls, the dawn and even the weird people that i met werent that boring like the day light people. In the mornings, its like facing the prison spot, everything has its boundaries and limitations, you are confine to the boring way of living. But in the dark, the focus of life doesnt stop in your body form, its spreads all over the universe and become endless gothic power.

A few years later nothing has changed and beside the fascinating night, i also listen to gothic metal music and have a night jobs, which gives me the opportunity to continue live in the gothic way like a vampire.

Gothic Portalgothic portalGothic Subculturegothic portalHow I Become Gothic