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Haley Become Gothic:

Well, for me (when i was a 'goth') I used it to shock ppl to get attention. ALL goths wouldnt admit this ofcourse but its the truth, it is just a fashion statement. Of course the reason for wanting the attention to begin with was for me due to depression never fitting in with the 'mainstream teen'. I have to admit alot of things in my life havnt been great and have had a huge inpact on my life and thats why I let myself fall into the horrible downward spiral of depression.

I would have to say that all of my friends that were goth (which most arent anymore) were going through or had been through some kind of issues in their lives.I went through stages of self mutilation and suicide even.

Become gothic is also connected with labeled as a witch at school ,everyone hated me and i was a good excuse to be ripped off because i looked so weird. But when I met other gothic or 'metal' people i felt totally at home becasue everyone knew what i was on about and i could relate to them. We are all still friends now and now we have grown up a bit i treasure them all immensly. I was proud to be a goth. I was proud that i didnt follow all the fashions like sheep as i always found that to be petty and temporary.

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Lily Become Gothic:

I don't really consider myself a gothic personally, it's just a stereotype. As a child i had trouble sleeping because i thought to much, about fantasy, the supernatural, the future, the past, everything. I would always end up awake till about 4am creating stories in my head and asking questions about life. This was from about the age of 5 to 10.

My mother had a particular interest in serial killers and i would find myself going through all her crime scene photos. Reading all the case files and such, i became fascinated in death, torture and the human mind. Religion was never mentioned in my family, i had nothing to rebel against.

I did however have an alcoholic father, his home was in a secluded area in the forest so i was extremely lonely when i was there. i would spend days wandering through the forest so i wouldn't have to make any contact with my father. And i guess i let my imagination run wild. I realized i was able to spend days without any human contact. I found beauty in nature, darkness and music, not in plastic, shiny happy (brain-dead) people. I felt like the night time was when i really came alive as i become gothic person.

Through primary school and high school i realized that i didn't have the same thoughts as other students. I wasn't a loner but i couldn't connect on the same issues as them so i became interested in older people.

These are the fundamentals i base my life upon:

INTEGRITY is actually very simple. Integrity is nothing more and nothing else than: Honouring my word.Keeping an empowering context present for myself and my life.

RESPONSIBILITY begins with the willingness to be the cause in the matters of one's life. Ultimately, it is a context in which one chooses to live.

My music taste is quite broad but my favourite genres are industrial, hard style techno and metal.

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