How to keep your black gothic clothes black

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Wash your fashionable gothic clothes with cold water. The warm water taking off all the black color from the clothe fabric. It is also recommended to use you special soap to make the fabric more soft. Our water contains high rates of chlorine which also can damage your clothes. The solution to this phenomenon is to use some detergent or even salt or vinegar, before you wash your clothes.

You can also keep your gothic fashion clothes black by washing it differently. I mean to wash it inside out, so even if the fabric will fade it will be only from the side you wear it - were its touches the body, and not from the side that everyone is watching. When you drying your gothic clothes try to avoid the washing machine because it scratches the fabrics, and also iron your dark garments inside out.

There is no need to get in panic when your dark gothic clothes got faded, you can always dye them back to black gothic fashion. While washing black clothes is done by cold water, when you dye them you have to use warm water. Make a dye bath from a pail or tube that you dont need. Soak your gothic clothes as much as possible in the black bath. Try not to use your hands, instead use other instruments in order to stay away from the satin and other mess. Natural fibers can be dye better and last longer than the synthetics.

Dye gothic clothes is very hard when you do it alone or at your own home, but if you really love your unique gothic clothes you will do everything to save them. If you dont success in clothes dying dont feel bad, maybe its the time to let go. The gothic fashion is very flexible so it will not be so hard to find new gothic clothes to wear, and it will be easy for you to bury the old gothic clothes.

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