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Dark Blood Gothic Poem: AVENGER PRINCESS

Full of revenge flowing in my blood,
how powerful thy people making me sad,
villagers kill my tribe
only me left,'cause i hide.

But this time i will fight,
full of angst building up my might,
i will defend my pride,
so that i can kill them with one stride.

I'll look them with my fiery eyes,
now my heart was cold as ice,
that's the people called me now,
but i don't knowhow would it end, how?!

Now, i began my journey to avenged,
'cause my conscience can't help the revenged,
on this long awaited destiny,
full of hatred was my discovery.

Alas!i made it..
but not ready to end it..
still not contented
nor still amended..

I killed hundreds of people,
the heads were on the flagpole,
that's what you called torture,
and that's my nature...

-Krysstina Cruz.
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Dark Blood Gothic Poem: EMPTY SHALLOW ABYSS

I once said my life is an empty shallow hell but, Now its not even that its now an abyss of nothingness. No pain, No hate, No joy, its as if im just one big void if i was to die no one would attend the burial of my feuneral except my beloved brianna and the cold dark deceased ink of my dark poetry.

The only tears that would fall besides that of brianna's would be tears of joy, For the news of my passing no one would care that i'd be laying there underground not one of them would frownif it was'nt for brianna there would be no sad sounds. I would just lie there in Purgatory no one would care to hear my story. She would just sit there into my grave and stair.

Morning the loss of her one true love. From her tears would fall from above. She would hear the laughter in their breath as they would give her their fake empathy in her soul there would be nothing left, Just an empty shallow abyss filled with nothing but nothingness in that abyss we would stay until we where reunited one day on the day she'd die. It would be really sad cause their would be no one there to cry she was the only one who cared for me now our soul's can live for ever in eternity.

-Alton Dale Brown.

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