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I'd also like to share my personal point of view about being or not being gothic.

See, I don't think stereotypes and groups are so different, I think above all I see people as just that: people. People who go through joy and pain in life. People who have known darkness and light.

I don't call myself gothic. I love gothic music in its every form. I'm a Christian: and no, not for being "normal" or "traditional", because I don't even understand what "normal" really is in such a crazy world with broken principles, no one made me follow any rules, I'm a Christian because I chose to become the only protestant in a family that never actually pay much special attention to any belief, my family members (both the Macanese and the Portuguese side) change so much, swimming across atheism, Buddhism and Catholicism... so when I say I'm Christian, doesn't mean religious. In fact, I'm everything but religious, my Christianity just doesn't sum up to traditions... it's about the lifestyle I chose for myself. Same with the gothic scene: I don't think Goth is only about the music, the dark colored wardrobe, the darkness, and all that acting/being weird, it's a lifestyle too. People always have to say something about anything that seems odd to them, we all have to deal with these issues, we all make mistakes and say things about what's odd to us too, I myself sometimes speak of things I don't really know about and don't always deserve what I think I deserve.

When you're a (true) Christian and go to church for instance, you don't get a perfect "shiny happy on the outside" life, I myself have to deal with issues such as people saying it's out of fashion to be "religious" and problems don't disappear like saying abracadabra, and I believe problems don't just disappear for people who become "Goths" too, specially when one thinks it sums up to wearing black, that's only looking from the outside. Then again, when you're not "traditional", people say you're evil and weird, but I understand it's only fear of the unknown, and I myself live in a family where being Protestant is anything but traditional.

See, people are all around the world and come in many forms and colors, they speak because they have to say something, while the wise speak because they have something to say. I wear any color and listen to any music genre according to my mood. In the midst of all this, all I am is ME. And all of us, in fact, face doubts, fears, pain in life, some fight to keep hoping for a better day and moving on, call them Goths, Christians, Barbie dolls, normal, unnormal, anything you like... and a day isn't complete without both light and darkness.

Thanks again, and thank you for reading me.

Marcia Fernandes
(24-year-old from Portugal, originally from Macau)

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