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When people think of angel, they usually imagine of clear white wings like the first snow, and colorful hearts pure as rainbows. Sadly nobody told those people about the dark gothic angel.

Dark gothic angels are the misunderstood angels that dont obey to the common norms and dont pretend to be innocent. The leader of the angels called these angels, Gothic angels, because they wear only black, or dark colors.

The leaders wife, a kind and pure woman, wanted her dear husband to be kind and calm, but sadly he was always motivated by greed and he always beat her every time she didnt supported his cruel deeds. The dark gothic Angels hated this situation because they was hating themselves, but respected the poor wife, for being the only pure gothic angel that would give them a chance.

The gothic angels found out that the evil leader beats his wife, and now they are very mad about this. Tonight, the night of the full moon madness, the gothic angels are coming all together in a run down gothic church, to form a plan and get the wife away from the most evil angel in the universe.

How many dark gothic angels are innocent? To be innocent is to be naive about this world and to think that everything is pure and wonderful, but there are other dark colors in this life. The dark gothic angels dont afraid to take off the naive mask and to rebel against the mainstream.

Gothic angels allows you to throw away all things that are considered important by the mainstream society, to search for something more significant to yourself. Everything begins with the self gothic angel - from there you will find yourself in a position to help others. It also allows you, being unconventional at heart, to be more productive in your own dark gothic way, because society will ultimately confine you and make you feel ashamed of being dark gothic angel.

"Gothic angel is about doing things which may be considered wrong, but for all of the right reasons."

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