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Dark Gothic Poem: Unwanted cause. 
Slash, gouge
My wrists they drip with blood
Stag, my heart stops beating
Built up hatred
Burning inside
Holding up it all up inside
I`m a forgotten cause
Constantly being stepped on
An unloved person
I sit on the swings
While every one else
Hangs with their friends
The grass dies under
My feet where I walk


I`m an unwanted cause
I jump towards my
True love the ocean
As the light that I
See above slowly darkens
I take one last second
To think "this is for the
Best no one really
Needs me cause"
I`m an unwanted cause
Dark Gothic Poeam By: Ryan Smucker
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Dark Gothic Poem: Black Hole

I couldn't breath
All i could feel was pain
All i could see was the pitch black
Sorrow that surrounded me.
I close my eyes
I begin to fall
The strong agony I feel as 
the pain Tears me apart slowly.
I keep hitting the ground
But everytime I open my eyes I'm still Falling,
My surroundings worsen
My insides are now dead
But I remain alive...
Falling in this endless black hole

 Dark Gothic Poeam By: sarabraun95
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Dark Gothic Poem: shadows of the night

In the shadows of the night, 
fear comes creeping up to me, 
like a silent wisper, 
it crawls up my spine,
making the hairs in my neck to rise. 

As i sit in the dark corner of my room,
i hear the wind howling my name. 
Shall i go? Shall i listen? Must i obey? 
Or shall i keep hiding away in the darkness? 
I gather my breath, and i start to move upwards, 
slowly, ever so slowly. 
I feel my legs go numb.....as i walk slowly to my window,
i feel the wooden floor crack under my feet....
as i come closer to the window, 
i feel a cool breeze flow through me,
like the fear i thought i knew...
shall i obey? Or shall i stay?

Dark Gothic Poeam By:  Aurelia

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