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Dark Gothic Poem:  ALONE
To live as in exile, to live seeing no-one
in the vast desert of a town that is dying,
where one hears nothing but the vague murmur 
of an organ sobbing, or the belfry tolling.
To feel oneself remote from souls, from minds, 
from all that bears a diadem on its brow;
and without shedding light consume oneself
like a futile lamp in the depths
of dark burial vaults.
To be like a vessel that dreamed of voyage,
triumphal, cheerful, off the red equator
which runs into ice flows of coldness
and feels itself wrecked without leaving a wake.
Oh, to live this way! All alone…to witness 
the wilting of the divine soul's white flowering,
in contempt of all and with none the wiser, 
alone, alone, always alone, observing
one's own extinction.
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Dark Gothic Poem: OLD CANAL WATERS
The waters of the old canals are mentally feeble,
so mournful, among the dead towns, along the quais
trimmed by trees and gables in rows, which, 
in this impoverished water barely show,

aged waters lacking fortitude; malingering, deprived
of all impulsion to steel themselves against the breeze 
that furrows them with too many ripples
Oh sad waters that go to weep 

beneath the black bridges and are afflicted,
these waters obliged to wear reflections, truly enslaved 
are they to what seems to them an unyielding burden.
But so ancient, that on the shimmering surface

they lose what reflects, as they lose a memory
and spin them out in confusions of grey mirages.
Waters so grief-stricken, they seem about to give in,
why so naked and already of nothing?
What is their problem,

lost in their slumber and embittered dreams,
are they nothing more than a deceitful frosted mirror
where the moon herself can barely endure?

-Georges Rodenbach

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