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Dark Gothic Poem: Bitter truth hidden in sweet dark lies.

Every where there are lies spread upon the street, 

on TV, and even in the false warm faces that you meet.

They use their lies to hide and blind you from 

the bitter truth. They have no real lives.

Wrongly accusing others of false crimes 

they slowly killing themselves and victims

with their own sweet lies.

Wrapped up in the very thoughts of lust, drugs, gossip,

and causing fights they prepare their hussies

quickly jumping hanging for their crimes.

Crimes committed willingly are the same as suicide.

One nonexistent night a picture

is painted by a morbid mind.

This story takes place inside

a house in the dead of night.

Three teenage boys and girls under aged 

with the help of their group leaders

decided to get high.

They climb the staircase which seems to empty

into a dark sky lit by candles on each side.

Reaching the top the two leaders go first 

under the fatal delusion they can fly.

The rest follow sadly, only one services, 

while an unknown seventh died.

The server was forever scared and changed.

Parents never spoke of what happened,

for fear of going insane.


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