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Dead Gardens includes plants that traditionally grown in cemeteries and graveyards. These funeral flowers where plant in order to awake the dead people from the depth of the ground. It was also offered as a gift to the spirits, which attract them to make prophecies about the future, and also to challenge them with questions and magical rituals. Some of the flowers that took place in those gardens are: anise, amaranth flowers and wormwood. what make these flowers special for araising the deads is their bitter taste, and also the sharp aroma. through these plants a unique atmosphere is being created, a sense of death and life together.

Most cultures in the universe tried to make the the passage between life and death easy, by including objects in the grave that would go with the dead person. These objects symbolized the nature of the deceased, and include personal artifacts, stones, food, and flowers. Remember that you dont need to be dead in order to create dead gardens and to admire these plants.

Lilies are a christian symbol of rejuvenation, Lilies at funerals are a reminder that the body will be resurrected someday when Jesus returns. Lilies are the symbol of rejuvenation, because they tend to bloom around the spring season.

Guayusa leaves used as a medicine to cure several diseases. But it also help to remember dreams and this is way it used for communicating with the dead spirits. To achieve this effect, you need to make a tea from the guayusa leaves and drink it early in the morning.

The Aztecs used colorines in when they sacrified people to the gods. If the gods werent satisfied they could punish the aztecs by prevention of rain and food.

Poppy is the best example of death myths. The opium that made of these flowers cause the human body to relax and symbolize eternal sleep, But its also has a red color, like human blood.

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