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Define Gothic definition Ė I tried to explain to people what is the define Gothic definition and most of them didnít understood it completely. Maybe this is because the fact that this term hold so much meanings inside of it that it is just can not be fully understand until you live the gothic lifestyle by your own.

When we try to define Gothic definition we usually think about the dark side of life. Maybe monsters, vampires and horror movies. But there are also some stereotypes that it is all about being depressed and obsessed with death. This of course is not true because everyone is expressing his life and believes in its own unique way. So you will find that there are many kinds of gothic people. Some of them are only artists, some likes the fashion and other just like to be left alone and basically everyone has its own reason why he or she has decided to live this life. There are those who just want to be apart of the current culture and they will act like Goths in parties and dress in black but after a while they will leave this subculture and will turn to seek other adventures.

And then there are people like you and I who will be Goths forever. I personally was born with this feeling and lifestyle. Although I didnít knew it when I was young. But I just figured out that I'm living the same life as everyone but a little bit different. And believe me there is nothing wrong with expressing who you are and you should never care too much about what others think about you. If you are really interested in this kind of culture so the best way to define Gothic definition is to be an active part of it.

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