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Welcome to vlad dracula`s house.

The character of Dracula from the famous novel was based on a true Romanian Prince named Vlad Tepes. He was seen as a hero by his countrymen, And according to most legend he was considered a fair, but very cruel man. This is why the romanian people have mixed feeling when they talk about Vlad Tepes. He was a hero but also associated with blood drinking vampires. In Additional, almost all the tours that follow Vlad`s foot steps are connected to vampires. In Transylvania, the home town of vlad dracula you can visit lots of real sites related to horror, mystery and vampires:

Dark tour in Bucurest - The romanian city that has been built and shaped in 1456 by dracula himself. The old side of the city has been preserved perfectly so you can actually get the feeling on how was it to live in those dark and mysterious times. You can find there ruins of palaces built by dracula, the old market place and the gothic streets where you can get lost like in a big maze. And listen to scary legends from the people who lived there for hundred years, some of them are the real descendants of Dracula.

Dark tour in Transylvania - is famous for one of the biggest places in east europe, where witch haunt has begun form the 15 century. witches and wizards has been burnt, hung and drown because they were accused of witchcraft. Those punishments for sorcery are addressed in the earliest law codes known to the humans.

Dark Tour, Castle of Dracula - Enter freely and on your own risk. The old centuries have mysterious powers that modern life cant oppose. You will see only the public parts of the fortress, and you are not allowed to visit without the tour guide, and of course, the insurance is not cover night visit to this place. when you will be in the castle you will know exactly why they use these rules.

The dracula tour is appropriate for people who lives in the vampiric lifestyle and want to be connected with their bloody roots. But the beauty of darkness can also be appreciated by the regular public, families, old people and even kids. If you are looking for the ultimate gothic vacation fly to dracula`s hometown.

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