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Fairies are naturally different from the humans and their behavior is shaped by special moral code. All the faires are tiny creatures that have supernatural powers and are able to use and even give it as much as they want, good and bad. The flower fairies is the kind that attracted only to a garden that considered as a fairy gardens. They are the fragile spirits in this world, They live only in nature and kind to those who maintain the beautifull gardens for them.

Foxgloves - The most famous flower that associated with fairies is the foxglove, the fairies sleep only inside the bell flower in order to be protected in the night. The flower`s name is not about foxes at all, it came from changing the phrase folks-gloves, fairy folks use this flowers as gloves. Foxglove come in all kinds of colors but the purple foxglove is the most beautifull. Its blooms in colors of white and cream and has lots of shades of pink and purple. You can also find dark spots decoration in the throats of the bell-shaped flowers.

Saffron - Is another plant that is essential to the fairy garden. Food that spiced with saffron is a favorite fairy food. The yellow color of the saffron is also used to paint cloths in a shiny golden color.

Mushrooms: Used by fairies as pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs. The red and white mushrooms called amanita and its very very poisonous.

Primroses: Primrose is the only key that will get you to fairyland. If you find in the garden the doorway to fairland you need to touched it with a primroses, the door will be open and lead you into fairies home.

Bluebells: Fairies cellebrate midnight and dances by the ringing of these bell flowers.

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