Full Moon Madness

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The word lunatic with the meaning of madness, came from the Latin word luna, which mean Moon. The superstitions about the full moon madness effect on humans and animals have existed for centuries. They are so many stories about increases in the number of accidents, babies born, suicides and violent crimes. These moon myths are often subconsciously convince the people with influence of the full moon madness. When a strange event occurs during a full moon period, it is remembered as an event connected to the full moon madness instead of being seen as an unrelated event.

The ancient Greeks believed that human madness come from high rates of moistness in the human brain. Like the moon influences the high tide and the low tide of the sea, its influence on the moistness in the brain and causes crazy behavior. In the dark ages, it was acceptable that the full moon control the demons and the evil spirits which drive the innocent people to criminal act. In sixteenth century madness was consider the outcome to illnesses that cause by the moon periods. Since than, Studies have been conducted about the correlation between lunacy activities such as crime rates and the phase of the moon, but little connection was found between this two variables.

The current biological theory is very similar to the greek`s brain moist theory. The earth and the human body are composed of the same materials in the same proportions, about 77% water and about 23% organic matter. Like the moon reflect tides in the oceans its reflect in a same way on the human body In our times, the ancient sciences hasnt been changed or challenged with new theories. And this is why the connection between the full moon and its madness effects remain the same. The only things that prospering are the superstition.

In the past people spent more time on their front porches in the evenings. And maybe more time hiking in the neighborhood, park, and streets. On the full moon nights, the extra light, especially early in the evening, plus the attractiveness of the full round moon shape, may bring people out of their hauses further than usual. More people means more exposure to the full moon madness phenomenon.

Gothic Portalgothic portalPhilosophy And Mythsgothic portalFull Moon Madness