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Do you think that as a gothic person, you can fall in love with someone that isn`t living in the dark culture? how can different people beome a couple when one of them lives in the bright side and the other one is a dark gothic?

Of course it more easy when the couple is gothic from both sides, so they have common background and can share same interests like metal music, special clubs, spooky hobbies and life philosophy. Dating only inside the gothic culture is understandable because people wants to have quality time with people that resembles to them.

However, if you marry or involved romantically with someone that can be your twin, it can be very boring. Infact healthy relationships can fulfill themself, when each part has his or her own interests and hobbies, so they can take a break from each other. And also when you have different lifestyles you have more subjects to talk about and share with your love ones. If you have the same notions it can be very boring, and you will agree with every topic, and when people agree on something, there is no need to talk, the silence is spread all around.

When you dating a non goth, you dont have to try too hard to be gothic, as you must in the gothic scene, when all the scary people know about every little detail that related to the dark and beautifull subculture. Its mean that you can continue be gothic person but a lite one, and still be considered and a heavy goth!

One of the biggest benefits of dating non-goth is that you can drag him or her to the dark subculture, ofcourse only if the other person is agree to this. But you can still try to be an ambassador and tell them about the great aspects of living in the gothic subculture. You can watch scare moveis together, sometimes go to metal festivals, and ofcourse dress in black not only in Halloween and try white, grey, black and red makeup. Be aware that you shouldnt exaggerate ,and dont try to force a change in your loveones, Otherwise you will be left alone. Most of the people in earth dont like changes.

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