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Gothabilly is a music genre that came up from mixing the gothic subculture with Rockabilly music. Rockabilly was much influenced by blues, country music and punk but with additional dark tunes. By the time, it become more associated with fashion and music performance. This kind of music shows combined the country guitars and the cowboy`s T-shirts, jeans, hats and boots, with the metal gothic guitars and gothic black fashion. Its was like all the people who lived in the farms came out of hell and become gothic, or like the old american movies from the 50s have been hit by darkwave.

There are lots of different darkness in the gothabilly music: horror, monsters, ghosts, paranormal and vampires themes. And they are also themes of sadness and aggressive behaviours. The music itself has slow tempo and of course light influences from the gothic musical instruments such as pipe organ, electric guitars and other acoustic tunes.

Gothabilly music started at the 70s with the leading band called The Cramps, Back then it called rockabilly because the influences of rock and roll. In the 90s the genre Gothabilly became more popular as the gothic subculture become more well known to the public. Today the gothabilly genre is keep being unique but they are not a lots of bands and songs in that gothic music sub-genre.

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