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There are many tales of gothic angel cemetery, most of which, under more intensive examination, tend just to remain that - Tales.

Many dark moons ago, while listening to some old chums, we decided to embark upon a visit to our local cemetery to investigate the rumours of a similar gothic angel mystery. Of course, there were ways upon which it could be summoned to work its magic which included walking around the pedestal three times and then calling the name of the deceased who lay interred below.

This particular gothic angel in the cemetery was said to raise a finger towards the heavens pointing out where you could reach peace and harmony. Now, apart from the fact that its hand was already raised alot and the fingers outstretched, it was said to look down at those who stood 'neath its dark shadow and shed a tear of joy if they were virtuous or frown at those who were filled with sin.

In reality though, little evidence of gothic angel mystery was gained that something more spiritual was happening other than through our own minds. The finger, basalt statue, was unlikely to move nor did it.

The gothic angel shed tears only in damp, misty conditions and any such frowns that appeared on its visage would have merely been the subject of our own consciences.

Here is another gothic angel tale that I heard about a certain gothic angel headstone in a little tiny old cemetary back home. There is one particular gothic angel headstone of a child with a lamb on the top, like they used to do in the old days. Supposedly, this lamb's eyes will turn red and it will turn to look at you.

There is also this tale about a gothic angel which set upon a massive pillar in a local cemetery. She holds a bunch of grapes in her outstretched hand. Several of the individual grapes have fallen from the statue and legend has it that when the final grape falls it signals the end of the world.

The gothic angel cemetery tales still lives on and I suppose if someone, somwhere gets spritual fulfillment from belief, Then it serves its very purpose - to uplift dampened spirit and bring joy to those who see something within the gothic angels.

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