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Everyone from gothic philosophers though to animals know they die everyone... its an absolute its funny enough a force that drives us, but that's the joy of it, we know one thing in existence if NOTHING else we are going to die! We might have thoughts on what happens after and where we go from there but at least we know that one thing.

I really think its important to understanding how important life is and questioning the every day and the everything because we won't be around forever to do so. I question everything every day how people see me what I look like to others and just random things just because it lets you know your alive.

We live to die. Its simple there is no other point to it really there is a long path and at the end of it is death.

We live to die... not a nice phrase is it? It's not mine but it belongs to the gothic world. Here is a quote of my own. In life I stumble and into the waiting arms of death I fall. You do stumble though life, mistakes and stuff up's all make the journey an interesting one but sadly some people don't even get a chance to live breathe grow old and die. If life is a journey why then does an unborn child sometimes die before being born or why at the peak of his or her life does a twenty three year old have a heart attack and drop dead?

In my own sad morbid gothic sense they did get to live and walk the path even if it was short beyond words. But why do the fates, god or whatever it is IF anything out there decide that. Funny enough the ones who loved that person can't accept that fate and the public if such an event happens and they see it can be affected or no. It leads back to spirituality and a soul as it where and then to faith and so many bad things which I feel we do not need to grow as a species. If we don't have a soul then there is nothing to it really is there? And if we do then I still don't know what the deal is after so heck who cares haha.

What about some of the bad people out there who laugh at the misfortune of others? What of them? Does it mean it's not affected them yet that death hasn't come to their door or that maybe they are so inured to it they can't feel the affect of death.

I call death a she and I think she is a beautiful gothic angel form in her own right. Should we not worship the actual thing that comes for us all? We all fear death but the only reason why is because we are worried there is nothing after her taking us away with her. But that's why people get religion because it suddenly explains away things and gives life, and death a purpose. For instance Vikings had Valhalla; christans had heaven and so forth. But then you had to be a good person or warrior to go to those. If you were not a good person or you died in your bed old and frail you met the other side the hell's as it where.

But then it leads to ethics also do you need to be a good person or a bad one when you die? What if you lived life as a bad person and only at the end did you want to change, is there even a need to change? Will the deeds of life carry forth unto your death?

I personally can't make assumptions about what happens after death because I'm not dead and I've not came back from being dead because funny enough I can't. But you know I will and I know you will have your own ideas.

We can read books and they can tell us of gothic people who have had near death experiences or have died for a minute or two. But then I've read A LOT of books and seen a lot of documentaries which funny enough give the impression that even if you're dead your brain doesn't stop functioning.

Could it be whilst the power fades away so you don't feel unhappy whilst you die you actually get to see whatever it is you believed in life as like a curtains falling moment? And if your brought back maybe you believe it actually happened when really it was all in your then fading mind.

You live your life according to a set of rules, faith, moral's, ethic's however you put it, you're alive and like for many for the whole time you try to forget your going to die.

I think gothic death is beautiful myself my own PERSONAL beliefs are that its one journey ended another began you will die and maybe it's a soul some kind of substance being that incorporates you that is let go from a body that now is free to see it all. Maybe?

But honestly what's not to say that death is like becoming a butterfly we as human are merely a cocoon before out death of which we become a butterfly free to roam the universe. Will we find others on our travels? And then what… you can't be that way forever maybe we get a choice as to what happens after. When you consider this heaven sounds boring hell sounds the same all the things places faiths have to offer can they entertain a soul forever?

But then one must ask the question of a soul unborn and also ask when does one if this soul exists obtain it? You where never born what will happen? Or what if you died a child will you be that way forever or referring to other chapters will you lose that fallible body and see everything clearly.

By: The Fallen One

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