Fear is my gothic angel guardian

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Isn't fear what limits you when you first attempt to do something new? Most of the people thinks that fear is a bad thing, but for me it`s my gothic angel guardian. I think it has more to do with limitations than anything else. As a gothic person i can explore those fears and overcome them. With the guideness of your gothic angel you can realise how your thoughts have an impact on reality.

But gothic angels are not only about thoughts. Emotions of fears creating anxiety and uneasing feelings that could not be logically described by any explanations. Most of our fears are slippery and they might come in forms of supernatural being. This is why i prefer to address it as a gothic angel, a place of the unknown and the unexplained that still has a big impact on our lives. The gothic angels can guide you through the path of life even if its scary and unclear at the beginning.

One of the the dark experiment that explains this gothic angel effect was performed by psychologists Dutton and Aron in 1974. They wanted to check if they could change the context of a situation so that the subject would experience love instead of fear. In their research, a very attractive gothic woman approached a sample of men and asked them to fill out a survey. The experiment had two parts.

Two survey situations where tested. The first was a safe location on a trail. The second was very gothic place - the midpoint of a very narrow bridge overlooking a deep crevasse. The researchers knew that merely standing on the bridge elevated the heart rate and caused anxiety. Standing on the path induced no anxiety.

At the end of the survey, the gothic woman passed each man her phone number and encouraged them to give her a call if they had any further questions.

Almost twice as many men, gave the gothic girl a call if they had been surveyed on the dangerous bridge than on the safe path. Due to the strong contextual signals in the form of presence of the attractive gothic woman, the men misinterpreted the fear-driven activation of their sympathetic nervous system as authentic love.

Therefore i believe that sometimes fear can be a good thing, and everyone can find his own gothic angel that will guiding him, even if he is walking on the dark path of the gothic life.

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