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The uniqueness of the gothic angel subculture is in the power of rebel against mainstream culture, And it attracts those gothic angels who feel alienated by modern culture, giving them a new identity and sense of belonging.

Some angels treat the gothic subculture as a direct form of rebel, others as a small phase to have another identity that allows them to embrace new ideas, beliefs and lifestyle. The only thing that can end the gothic angel subculture is too much attention from the mainstream culture which is trying to copy it. For now, i can say that gothic angels never die, they just look dead.

Due to the lack of interest from the media and modern culture, a self sufficient gothic angel subculture has arised out side the mainstream culture. This underground subculture provides its gothic angels with all the benefits of subculture: dark clubs, gothic clothing, goth music and underground magazines.

The most beautiful point of the gothic angel subculture is that there is no gothic country or other organizations who shapes the gothic life. This transfers the burden to invidual gothic angel to encourage themselves, and promote and organise their own gothic life. Not all the gothic angels are the same, The gothic stereotypes are always in the air, but they are starting to fade away. Gothic angel is all about separating yourself from the world through the material, while not becoming materialistic, even at the expense of those who will persecute you, so you are allowed personal introspection and peace, and contemplation of the faults of society through being on the outside of society looking in.

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