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The Gothic angel is the most popular symbol when its come to gothic religion. Infact there is no real gothic religon, it`s more symbolic gothic angels that people use to express their faiths in a gothic way. Most of the goths will say that the gothic subculture has nothing to do with religion. Some of the gothic angels are atheists, others very tight to spiritual believes, some practice wicca (witch craft), occult, vampires and other alternative spiritualism.

The gothic subculture borrowed the image of the gothic angel from lot of stories, myths believes and even the bible. But as stated before the gothic subculture is not a about religion, Its more about free minded people who express their life in a different way - the goth way.

People have always labelled the goths as human being that cares only about physical and superficial aspects of life like black fashion, and trash metal music. But the gothic angel approves that they were wrong, Gothic angel is a metaphysical form of being, very gentle and spiritual. In away it is the expression of the light side of the dark gothic subculture - an antithesis for the dark world. A place of peace of mind and relaxation, The hope at the end of the black tunnel.

The symbolism of gothic angels fit the need for multicultural gods. People all over the wide world are looking for hope. Life is not easy, sometimes it`s full of sadness and macabre scenarios, but angels makes as feel protected.

For me the term "gothic angel" is a form of art, music, poems, fashion and even a state of mind. It`s a term that also helps the gothic people to show their soft side, the gothic lifestyle is not only about death and tragedies. There is also a bright light at the end of the darkness, a light shaped like a true gothic angel.

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