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I still remember the gothic angel and the dark train tunnel like it was yesterday. I have heard various gothic stories about being caught in the tunnel when the train comes, and crushing to death every person that might have been there.

Wheather this gothic angel story was true or false I was always afraid to go there and search for the truth. Until one night i decided to conquer this demon. While walking next to the train tunnel, I wondered if i could run inside the tunnel from the start to the end, without been caught inside and crushed to death by the 6 o`clock train.

It was 10 minutes before 6 pm and i entered to the dark tunnel, it was so quiet and yet very chilly like the mourn room, with death itself at the end of the line. As i was running in the dark gothic tunnel i thought about lots of things: What will happened if i will not make it to the end of the tunnel? What if the train will come early? What if i will fall in the darkness and will not be able to get out? It`s true what they say that when you are closer to death your life images passing in front of your eyes. I just hoped that they will pass faster than the train and that i will get out a live and meet my gothic angel.

Suddenly in the middle of the tunnel, my gothic life images faded and i could see small dot of light at the end of the darkness. I heard someone in the beginning of the tunnel shouting: "get out of there or you will die". So i turned arround and ran to the entrance, to the clear voice of the gothic angel. The train has come sooner and i could feel it entering to the gothic tunnel, The ground was shaking like an earthquake, the mouses hided in their own little holes, the dust was all over me blowing in my neck, the train was roaring loudly and the voice of the gothic angel was disappearing in the light.

With my last breath i jumped out of the dark tunnel and the train passed beside me at 5:55 pm. I didnt saw no one in the end of the dark gothic tunnel and didnt heard the voice again, but i`m sure it was the gothic angel.

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