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Gothic Belly Dance, is also known as "Raks Gothique", which come from the middle east culture. Its an exotic form of art that combine the dark and the mysterious elements of the gothic subculture. Therefore the Gothic Belly Dance is a combination of the middle east exotic culture and the mysterious western subculture of the goths.

The first Gothic performances started at the 90s. Back than, most of the sounds were folk or world music, And only the costumes were related to the gothic fashion. and the movements of the dancer inspired by old tribal rituals. As the time pass all three elements: music, fashion and the performance came together to one astonishing gothic show.

Not all the gothic belly dancers are goth but, In order to make a show that is 100% dark and mysterious they must love the dark life, And feel it in every part of their body. Otherwise they wont success in preforming the darmatic moves. So if you are a talented dancer and you like to practice the "Raks Gothique", you must learn about the gothic sub culture from its art, music, fashion and literature.

The movements of the Raks Gothique is different form the original belly dances. because they are all compose dramatic theater and telling morbid stories about ancient rituals, vampires, witches, death and the mysterious harmony of nature. The movements tend to be slow, large and deep as the dancer expresses his or her connection to the dark feelings. This is also the reason why the preformers mix dark make-up with macabre mimic.

The gothic music had a big effect on this kind of dance. Beside the sad and the horrorfying melodics, Gothic music includes lots of different sounds. Some of them soft and others are hard, its a combination of quiet and loudness. So its creating different moves and different dance plot according to these unique sounds.

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