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Before you start to modify your boring car and make it a killer gothic machine you should consider this issues:

Gothic Car Restrictions - Every country has its strict regulations on what can and can't be done to Cars. So you must clarify to yourself the legal parts and also the safty parts of your car modification. Remember that all car manufacturers and all vehicles must comply with various laws to ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

Gothic Car Budget - Another major factor that will impact on what you can and can't do. car modification will vary in cost, From low impact to pocket bleeding. So you need to be sure if what you want is really necessary or if it's an extravagance best served in another area. Most of us these days have limited budgets. It definitely pays to shop, but don't sacrifice quality workmanship for the sake of getting the job done. In matters relating to cars, you want your car to last. Bare in mind that one of the fundamental ideas of the gothic scene is individuality. Most goths are either rather wealthy or poor, and thus seem to drive either BMWs, or Honda Civics. The point is that there is no point to a definitive Gothic Car. Drive what you think is cool, or what you can afford.

Gothic Car Basic look - In just the same way that some people do not look good in PVC and a hooded cloak or ghost face make-up that will get you beaten senseless in some areas of the world, so is the case with some car modifications. A fur lined car interior looks good in funny movies only, and only American Latino's should drive cars that "bounce". A real gothic looks will go a lot further than these examples. Its an overall change, A project that include all the little designs together, that make it the best gothic car.

Gothic Car Paint Work - A classic Black exterior will always attract a look, Black is gothic - no question about it, But you can use other dark colors such as deep blue and gray. however for a sharper and extraordinary look go for a pearl coat finish, or a 3 layer clear coat as a final finish to your exterior.

Gothic Car Themes - Here the only limit is your imagination. Themes based on works inspired by fine gothic artist will attract attention. My recommendation is to paint blue flames all over your car. But whatever you decide make it a representational expression of yourself. Don't just pick themes based on their current cool factor, make it classic and timesless. Of course all of that will go to waste if you have not removed rust from the car`s body.

Gothic Interior Car - If you are going with an interior look make it consistent through out, a classic Black leather interior will go well, and extend that look to match and compliment the Door kick panels firewall, flooring, Dashboard, ceiling upholstery. Also look at whether that kind of look works well for the climate you are in. For a change chose an alternate interior lighting. Change your white ceiling globe for say blue or black light globes. Additionally see if you can change the color of your dashboard panel lights. If your car has the old style door locks, swap them out with custom ones, I have seen skull ones. If you have a ball style gearstick knob, swap it with something weird and ordinary: Resin skull, replica Hand grenade, Crystal stopper from a scotch Decanter, The end of a brass knobbed cane.

Exterior Lighting - I'm not up on whats allowed or not when it comes to this but underneath lighting for your "goth mobile" in either a blue or purple would be the goth`s choice.

Lowered suspension - If It's your thing, go for it - I kind of like the idea of a gothic low rider. Pick some chromatic rims that will suit the look you are trying to achieve

Gothic Car Engine - Choose an engine you can best afford or shine the one you have. Here it all depends on the budget and the model. At least spend some cash to clean out and spruce up the engine bay or it will detract from the finished look. Sound System. - Before your cars look's turn heads your cars sound system should be the thing that gets you noticed first. It's a fact so spend your money on a system that suits you and that you can best afford. And also remember if you can't hear a siren from an ambulance behind you, you have gone way too far. Plus be kind to your sense of hearing , going deaf is no joke. Gothic Car Accessories - If you must go over the top then choose a modification that will not get you pulled over. An afterburner is good only on the Batmobile and you're not Batman.

Final note, your car should say something about you, but not so over the top that it looks cliche. There's right ways and wrong. Less in some instances is more, and in some instances the best way to make an impact is to make a statement.

Thanks to micks

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