Living In A Gothic Medieval Castle

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I think it that castle is the most gothic place that i can ever live. its a place of dark and mystery. They are so much horror movies about castles that they really attract the human imagination. As a big house with several rooms and levels you can really get lost, and sometimes get the feeling that some is watching you. They are lots of secret passes between the gothic rooms. In the old ages they used the secret passes to hide from all sort of things: invadors, theives and also to run away from themselves, as away to get privacy to the most secret desires.

People are afraid to enter to castles as they afraid from the gothic subculture. In that way you can be complete with yourself as your house give them clues about who you are. You are dark and mysterious person that like to live in a defrent way - the gothic way. Every one like to decor houses or even biuld them as they wish according to their wishes and personal believes so you dont have to make excuses about the look of your house, as you dont make excuses about the way you dress with the best gothic fashion.

The only problem is to raise money for your gothic castle, unless you are very rich or got a huge inheritance. Infact most of the gothic people that i know are in the middle class of life and their alterative is to decor their small house that will look like a gothic castle. Instead of building mansions they used dark paint on the wall or silks and ofcourse scary pictures. Gothic persons also added little house accessories that brings to the gothic house the dark touch of life such as swords, old and big key locks, chains, and ofcourse they revamped old furnitures.

Gothic people have been gifted with great artistic imagination and high level of creativity so even if your budget is short, you can use your dark power of creation. Just start with little house decor and by the time you will find that your are the gothic king of the castle !

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