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Stockings are cool gothic clothing, They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the gothic people wear them on their legs while dressed by short gothic skirt.

I have seen extreme creative gothics that started to wear them as a gloves! yes, the gothic stocking are no longer used only as a legs clothing but also for your gothic arms. I think that it is very unique but you should be aware of the fact that if you over do it, you will look funny.

Sometimes funny stocking on the hands can be changed to cool hand-stocking, if you manage to buy unique stockings that can`t be found anywhere. Ofcourse the colors should fit to your gothic clothings but, the patterns are the most important thing. There are lot of gothic symbols such as angels, Pentagram, ankh, skulls, grim reaper and other kinds of dark gothic symbols that make a statement.

Spider stockings are very cools and the best things is that you dont have to buy them on you local gothic clothing store. You can make it from your old and torned stockings. Just use your creative mind and scissors if needed.

When it comes to mainstream fashion there are always hot trends which change almost every month. Every time gothic people come with unique gothic ideas, the mainstream fashion flood the market with it. And they make a clear statement what`s in and what is out, what you should wear and how you should look.

Within the gothic community there are also "rules" about what considered goth and what is not, for example wearing only black gothic clothing. But another side of the coin is that you can do whatever you want, you dont have to wear only black, and infact only black can be very boring. so go ahead with your gothic stockings, add another gothic touch to your clothing.

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