Gothic Dance Movements

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The chainsaw Gothic Dance - Move your hands like you're revving up a chainsaw, while doing gothic steps and also put your shoulder into it. After five or six revs, when it's going nicely, grasp it with both hands, swing it viciously at anyone else on the dance floor. Even better with two people, as you can sword fight back and forth across the dance floor.

The coffin Gothic Dance - Is the most gothic movement in the dancefloor,You just fold your forearms over each other in an X shape across your chest, like you were a corpse in its coffin.

Lord of the flys Gothic Dance - Move your feet slowly in one place, and instead of waving your hands in the air in a boring metter, you get into action and pretend to slap at all of your body in sequence as if you'd just become the target for a million flys.

The windmill Gothic Dance - Rotate your arms 360 degrees forward or backward like a windmill that waiting for Don Quixote, make sure your fingers are locked safely in a fist, for the sake of yourself and buddie slammers.

Minesweeper Gothic Dance - Hands behind back, step very carefully around the dancefloor, as if you are looking for mines the hard way. Be sure to bend your knees occasionally.

The Sledgehammer Gothic Dance - Clasp your hands and swing them like you've got a sledgehammer. And viberate your body acordinly to the Sledgehammer.

Gothic Portalgothic portalGothic Dancesgothic portalGothic Dance Movements