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Dark Gothic Poem: DARK SIDE

Everybody has dark side
It is weak and it is might
It is all and it is nothing
It is dark, it isnt light.

Again great evil was defeated
The huge and strong dark hordes was beaten
Their lord was sent to hell again
Who always said: Just use your brain!

Again the wind disturbs the grass
Again we have some wine in glass
Again we happy till we`re drunk
In spirit column solid trunk

Again we live in our dreams
And dont like to hear any screams
Again we shut eyes on the poor
And always say: What can I do?

Again we call each other names
And jealous to the other fames
Again we hope to cheat each other
On sale is everything, and mother

Again the leader is a joker
Who won a game in dirty poker
He has no face, he is just dim
And nothing else I see in him

Again we listen to lies in news
And never thinking like a moose
We think they tell us only truth
But fake is the motto of their crew

Again we have no ones respect
And every man is like an insect
Again we make a lot of pacts
But our armies are in acts

Again. So on
So on. Again

Its our course
And our blame

If you hate that all
Like me
Fight for dark
Your destiny
Call the demons from the hell
They are fighting very well

Take your weapon
Leave your home
We fight again
Against sky dome

I am sorry for the end
It is foolish and some mad
But forgive me that I write
Its not I, its my dark side

(c) Cothurnatus (Vasyl Puzanov), 2006

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