Subculture: Dark and Bright Sides Of The Gothic Life

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Like every subculture - which sets itself against the norms, there are penalties to pay when you live in the dark life of goths, and one of them is fewer options when it comes to employment.

Those on the bright side, on the whole are living a better and more productive life than the dark gothic lifes: Usually dinners at good restaurants, fund-raising events, and working at the dentist's office. They may be oblivious to the attractions of the dark side, but they are the ones you'll find volunteering for "doctors without borders" or in 10K walkathons, and on the whole, live longer that way, because optimists, do.

They are lots of shades in black. You might like horrific images, But only in the abstract, and in balance like Aristotle. Remember the way Picasso advised others on the way to painting "surrealistically"? First, he said: you learn how to draw, Then you can break the rules. I found the macabre entertaining, but only after after a "happy childhood" spent without it. Without the burden of being a "baby goth". Ordinary people, on the whole, do better in life by fitting into mainstream society than by going against it. And those who must contend with being "outsiders" as children will have a much harder time of it.

Living in the dark side of life, like the gothic subculture has its price. As a strategy for living, there's simply more "upside" to thinking about living, than dying. Optimistically than pessimistically.

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