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In order to get a quality gothic house decoration you will need a lot of time or a lot of money. If you are short in cash, then you'll probably need to invest the time in some skills and creativity. You dont have to buy new furnishing, Think about accessories and furnitures that already in your home. Ask youself how you can change them and renovate them to gothic look. You can go to the dumpster too, to get some old furnitures, and even ask your freinds and family if they want to get rid of some broken accessories. Another idea is to go to garge sales and chip antique shops, You wouldnt believe what kind of relics can be found there.

gothic house decor The first thing you need for gothic house decoration, is to start with small steps. That mean to start your house decorating only one room first. The living room is the most important room. The basic gothic decoration and dark renovation that you apply in the living room, will spread all shadows to the other rooms. Your house`s guests (and ofcourse the ghosts) that sit in the living room, can also give you some tips, by telling you what they think about it, which all can be used after to the other rooms. But if you are not a bragging goth, you should consider to renovate your private room first. Remember that it take lots of time to decorate and change your home.

gothic home decoration If you are a big fan of the old horror movies you can get Inspiration by choosing old cabin style, alterntively, use posters from those old and spooky movies. If you're a big fan of Tim Burton you may want to include more psychodelic props such as black and white stripes, and evil ghosts cartoon. Decide what look, aura, and atmosphere you want for your house. They are lots of gothic house decoration types like: Romantic, Victorian, vampires, pagans and etc. that can totally change your mood. Look through catalogs and magazines and even surf the net to get new decorating ideas.

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