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Gothic dress codes at clubs: I suppose there has to be some kind of dress code to keep out the non gothic people. On the other hand, is it fair to penalize a real gothic person for a lack of gothic fashion sense or lack of money for the "proper" gothic clothing?

Gothic people who are going to clubs want to maintain the atmosphere, of course. Otherwise it's not a gothic club, but just a dance club. On the other hand, how many gothic people have stayed away from clubs for "fear" of the gothic dress code. Further, how many possible budding gothics avoid contact with the scene on the assumption that it's all about fashion and clothing. I can see where someone would easly get the impression that the gothic subculture is all about fashion,

By doing it you denied the opportunity to socialize with gothic people of like mind because you don't wish to adopt a gothic look. So much for individuality, I guess. Before anyone flames me for that last statement, I realize that the gothic look is much more diverse than the outward trappings of most other scenes, but it is still present. Also, don't get me wrong, I love the dark beauty of most gothic dress, I just don't feel comfortable dressing this way myself, as I feel I just don't carry it off very well. Isn't there some way of devising a different sort of door policy for clubs?

It seems like the modern gothic scene is becoming just another fashion clique anyway, with the same vacuous stares, shallow concern for fashion.

Where is the gothic I admired in the 80's? It no longer exists. "Gothic" has a totally different meaning to what it did in those days. I'm not sure the change is an improvement. I know gothic people have been bemoaning the death of gothic for a long time, and it never happened, but at what point is it so changed that the term coined in the seventies and eighties is totally unrelated to where things are today? Is the scene today appropriately called gothic or is it something totally new and different? If it can still rightly be called goth, why? It seems the meaning was lost as the punk ethic of individuality, anti-fashion, etc. was dissappearing or being commercialized. Like it or not, goth owed a lot to punk in it's earliest stages. There are still what I would call "'old school' punks" who have some grasp of the original "punk ethic" but can one honestly say there is an active "punk scene" in the same way there was in the seventies and eighties?

The same is happening in the gothic scene. There are some old-school gothics, but is the gothic scene what it was? I think not.

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