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Gothic boots are very important to the gothic fashion. You cant wear gothic clothes and walk without matching shoes. Basically the gothic fashion use to be "long fashion", which means that you need to cover as much as body parts as possible. Gothic boots will protect your feet from several dangerous places like forests, rocks, crumbling haunted houses and other landscapes. It will make you stable in unstable places.

They are lots of gothic boots styles, women usually wear boots with heels as long as possible, and gothic men flatted boots. The color of the boots is black most of the time, but it can also look as bloody red, or metal. Some even prefer army boots that looks very unique in the urban fashion.

There were times when the boots were very heavy. Every step on earth was so gothic, it was like causing a small earthquakes. The ground was opened for you and could reveal worms, graves and other ancient treasures. There is no wonder why grave diggers used boots in their profession, as they opened the gates of hell, and set free all the lost souls.

The gothic lumberjacks in the deep forests also shook the sky by gothic boots. Every step is trembling the trees, causing the brown leaves to fall into the ground. But more important - make the ravens that sat on this branches fly high to the sky and blend with the lost souls.

The point is that gothic boots were used at work, and sometimes very hard and dark work. By wearing this boots you remember every gothic person that ever lived in the dark side of life. So there is a reason why boots considered as compelling gothic fashion accessories. Beside the look, its a fashion where the morbid and dark life meets the beauty.

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