Take Care Of Your Gothic Fashion Clothes

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If you will take care of your gothic clothes, they will take care of you. The gothic fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself. These clothes can make the difference between real goth and wannabe. The more your clothes looks more gothic and beautiful the more people will consider you as a goth person. And maybe those people who never though about the gothic fashion will do some dark thinking.

Try not to spill drinks, make-up and food on your clothes. If you will be careful enough it will save you lots of washing and your dark colors will not fade quick from your gothic fahsion clothes.

Dont fold your gothic clothes, its breaking the gentle fabrics, and it make you ironing more often which cause you burning your clothes everytime you iron them. It better to hang them in the wide open air of your room, and if they are extra ordinary they can be like a new poster on you wall.

Look at the clothe`s tags, wash them exactly as instructed. In most case that will be the follow: wash gothic fashion clothes in cold water and with some detergents or special soaps.

I advice you not to smoke, but if you must you have to think about removing bad smells from your gothic clothes. They are some products that will help you to It neutralizes the negative odors, it's great for dry clean only clothes, that don't need a water cleaning or full washing.

Organize your closet like the best coffin in the cemetery, try to hang the gentle gothic clothes properly. Decided what you want to wear all the time, what you wear very occasionally, and what you want to bury. You should also arrange the gothic clothes by type: dresses, pants, shirts and of course by color groups.

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