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The gothic corset is a piece of clothing that shape the body of a certain gothic girl like a hourglass. But its more historical than a hourglass shape, it can be trace to the medieval ages. When fashion has special dark themes.

Black and other dark shades were the most common dressing fashion theme. People were afraid form the known, from being exposed in the nights, so they decided to wear the known on themselves. They are lots of goths that dressed according to the victorian or medieval fashion. This make the gothic fashion and especially the gothic corsets timeless, historical and therefore very unique like the gothic personality.

Beside that reasons to wear gothic corset, it was also considered as great fashion clothing, which design the body in special shape. This gothic corset shape considered than and even now, as very aesthetic and flattering to the woman`s gothic body. The first gothic corsets were very uncomfortable, infact they were made of wood. And only later the designers were able to create the unique shape of the gothic corset only from fabrics. They also changed the way the body looks so it was considered not natural and even painful too.

As the time passed by, the gothic corset became more soft and convenient. But the pain from the past is still coined in that unique fashion. Even today a part of being dressed like a goth, suppose to express some physical pain that derive from emotional pain. The more you look unique and suffering with your clothing, the more you express your gothic being.

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