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psychic gothic

I was inspired to ask: what is the definition of gothic fashion as applied to you personally? Not your definition of what gothic fashion is, but why you think you specifically are a gothic fashion. I know my definitions are different, so I figured I (and others) might understand goths fashion better if I asked the second question and not the first.

For example: When I think of a gothic person I think of someone that wears predominantly black gothic and wishes to show their contempt for mainstream culture by dressing against the grain in the gothic fashion way. Perhaps they like vampires, Perhaps they like Marylin Manson, perhaps they like bands like Cradle of Filth, perhaps they dye their hair strange colors or wear black gothic fashionable boots. But whatever they are, they are always applied to the gothic fashion.

I'm sure there is a lot more to the gothic person behind the gothic fashion look than a lover of the dark arts and somebody vengeful towards mainstreamers. There are people who are totally lost in defining who they are with what they wear. Perheps that are truly goths waiting to burst out of their shell. Gothics that are mindless zombies of Hot Topic fashion trends. Geeks that belong in the world of high fashion. Artists that belongs to dark paintings.

In that gothic fashion, the people that intrigue me most are those that go against going against the grain. People that are just weird, not preppy, not gothics, not punk, not rapper. Mostly these are anime or artist type people. People that wear outfits that would never work in any circle, but yet somehow look good. People who will wear what they like because they like it, and for no other reason. People who will make up their own gothic clothing because no store will sell them the way they like.

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