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We can see them from time to time walking even in the streets of big cities. They are usually young, dressed in strange, mostly black fashion gothic clothing with determinedly grim and sad expressions on their faces. They have strange interests and flock together to engage in them.

They call themselves gothic people and carry with them the subculture baggage left to them by generations of artists, writers and enthusiasts that preferred the world of darkness to the world of light and chose to create and live in it. The gothic fashion tradition has lasted more than two hundred years, and that only if we count it from the beginnings of the gothic novel, and it has attracted a huge following during all those years.

In late 1970's these gothic fashion followers eventually proudly professed and founded the gothic subculture. Later this first impulse was slowly evanescing, but it was revived with new strength in early 1990's. This gothic subculture soon spread all over the globe and it still exists today, although in some countries, like the US, UK and Germany, its influence is greater than in others.

Goths people might be almost ghosts - invisible in every country and the echoes of the gothic fashion almost imperceptible in the world, but they have been an omnipresent shadow in the culture and society of the US for more than twenty years now. Yet it is as if nobody really sees them, as if they were really living ghosts without substance. They are there, though, and even if their numbers certainly rise and fall with different fads of fashion, they have never completely disappeared from the scene since their emergence as a subculture.

So dont be surpprised why some of the gothic people like to wear ghosts fashion clothing, it has a very deep meaning for them. Not only personal reasons but also historical reasons. Long live the gothic subculture!

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