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The gothic fashion is all about being outside the society. By wearing gothic clothes you dont only express your own special identity, but you also reject the norms, values and common believes of the wide society. When you are dressed in goth clothing you are breaking the taboo.

Our sociey is shaped mainly by the mainstream media. It plants in our minds special images, make us believe that we want to look that way, convincing us that certain product is good for us and to the rest of the people. But its wrong, everyone including: skinnies, fats, talls, shorts, men, women, kids, olders, youngsters and others, has their own beauty, and the freedom to express their personality and body in the way they want to, the way of the gothic fashion.

Its realy hard to define the gothic fashion, they are lots of way to be dressed as a goth. No one asset special look as gothic, everything you create, (with some basic guide lines) can be associate to that particular fashion. Just use your imagination, keep your mind open and even create some clothing accessories of your own, so you will be more unique. Another thing you must to remember that clothes are not "goth", you are "goth". The clothes should express your personality, therefore you control the way you look by creating and connecting different elements of clothes to your look. There is a pure truth about the saying: "The clothes dont makes the goth, the goth makes the clothes".

There is a common assumption that gothic fashion is only about wearing black clothes. Although it might be true for certain people, others just mix the black colors with other dark shades like, red, grey and sometimes even white. Black clothes symbolyze the dark feelings of the gothic person. On its early days, and i mean the medieval ages, the black clothes were the represention of witches and sorcerers that had supernatural powers. They were highly associated with mystery and evil.

There is a principle in the gothic fashion scene: the more you exaggerate with your gothic look, you are more devoted to the subculture. Some believes that its not enough to wear special pants, shirts, shoes, using make-up and dying hair to be gothic, but you have to use gothic jewelry and other unique accessories.

They are also gothic persons that can express their goth life without the gothic look. The mainstream doesnt label them as a gothic person, even though they can be more goth than me and you. Dressing as a goth is optional, having real goth identity is another dark story.

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