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Eyeliner squiggles: Yah, blurry smudgy ones are worst, but even if they are neatly drawn I think this looks silly.

Clown eyebrows: drawn on with sharpie, liquid liner, or something else that really doesn't look at all like eyebrows. I think brows look best close to natural (groomed, shaped, filled in if necessary, but not, I repeat NOT, looking like anything you'd see on Bozo the Clown.

Black-lined lips with some other color lipstick: It is just the gothic make up version of the dark brown liner with the pale gloss which turns up everywhere. It is not a good lip look, I've seen it look good once, black lined red lips where the liner blended into the red, like a gradient. But that was the one and only time it looked good.

Chipped nail polish: I do not care what color it is but of course prefer balck, chipped nail polish might look ungothic! Nail polish isn't a no-maintenance thing, if you want to wear it, you need to commit to keeping it looking good. They do make stuff to remove it, so letting it flake and peel off for weeks is really unnecessary, as well as unattractive and sloppy-looking.

Bad dye: Especially glaring and obvious when it's a badly done dye job with bleach and/or a bright, unnatural color because it's so eye-catching. Same as the nail polish, really - hair color requires maintenance. If it's grown out in more inches since last dyeing or you missed third of the back of your head when you did it yourself: either go to a profesional gothic, recruit a skilled pal to help next time, or forgo altogether the funky colors, cause a badly done dye job looks bad.

Club wear and makeup: for places where club wear and makeup is not only not necessary, it may be rather uncalled for or inappropriate. There's always a way to look gothic and still be properly fashion dressed for just about any occasion. Wearing all your goth makeup at once to hit safeway for milk and bread, isn't impressive. It looks silly and reeks of effort.

Others gothic makeup mistakes: mentioned poorly applied or blended makeup, badly done whiteface, cakey black lipstick. In general, it's a mistake to wear any fashionable gothic makeup that's not blended properly or is applied too heavily, but the contrasty colors and emphasis on white and black that make up many goths looks can really look clownish if done poorly, especially combined with those semicircular eyebrows!

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