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May I say that, as far as I'm concerned, there are no set rules when it come to gothic makeup. For example, white make-up is something I've heard a lot about, but there are also many dark skinned gothic peoples who don't wear it. Also, black lipstick and eye-liner. What about red lipstick and no eyeliner at all?

What I am trying to say is that gothic makeup is not only black eyeliner, it's a state of mind that we embody in beautiful and unique ways. My advice? Wear gothic clothing that makes you feel good. Whether it's bright red or coal black, velvet or vinyl, modern or archaic, is up to you. And although you shouldn't be afraid to brake the rules, don't be afraid to follow them either.

The point of black fashion and gothic makeup is to make yourself look more polished gothic person. To bring out your best gothic features. To goof around with a little bit of dark drama, when you get really proficient at it. Have fun coloring on yourself sometimes. Kabuki style makeup. Groovy effects like lizard scales gothic makeup or "my face is made of marble" or butterfly psychedelia, though this kind of gothic make-up usually can be done on your arms instead of on your face.

Don't run out and get yourself some white foundation or pancake makeup. don't just get a black eyeliner pencil and start coloring in at random. In fact, I'd recommend only the use of a good liquid eyeliner. I prefer the cakes to the tubes, and ther size 0 scriptliner brush from the art supply shop. After a while you can freak out your friends with your gothic makeup by standing 9 feet away from the mirror and putting the stuff on.

You might want to have fun with mascara, it depends. but start small, don't go crazy, and for goths sake it's not a crayon and you are not a coloring book.

It's probably better not to copy other goths` makeup too much, takes all the fun out of learning how to do it. Better to borrow bits and pieces from a wide range of gothic people and put it all together into your own look. Believe me, I have evidence of some of my past mistakes (including 8 inch flat-top hair), but it was all jolly good fun trying the new stuff out.

Some gothic people only wear black down to their pantyliners, some don't. There are a wide variety of looks. Dramatic winged liquid eyeliner, silver glittery attacks, all purple looks, deep dark blue eyeshadow to match your hair and boots, killer perfect deep blood red lipstick, and more gothic makeup and fashion styles.

More gothic makeup tips:

1. Dont use clown white, unless you are dressing up as a clown.

2. Blend, you wanna look naturally unnatural, after all.

3. Ask gothic girls for help, always a good way to start and a good way to kick start your gothic career.

4. Never follow a fashion, Not even gothic fashion.

5. Do something original.

6.Have fun with your gothic makeup !

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