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Gothic fashion has it prices. and i dont talking about money, i talk about the subcultural prices that attached to the gothic clothing tags.

Allright. I've been dressing goth for about 10 years now. I kind of started without being aware of there being any 'scene', but eventually, I found one online. At the time I sort of 'came out' and started dressing goth. My parents didnt care one bit how I dressed. However my mother was really upset by the gothic change.

Eventually I sat my mother down in front of the computer, the only link I had to the gothic world, as there was no gothic subculture in my city, logged her onto the internet message boards, and had her start doing research. I started playing bauhaus for her. And the cure, all kinds of stuff. Eventualy, after about 2 years, she finally came to accept it, by and large. Of course, I almost never totally 'goth out' around her. I wont wear gothic makeup, vinyl, or accentuate my more feminine aspects around here.

It could have been worse, considering that my mother never did anything to stop me. Though she did throw away some of my more outlandish items. which kinda ticked me off, considering how expensive they were.

In the end, it boils down to weather or not you have your own place. Also, if thats your thing, I wouldnt jump into wearing any kind of gothic gear at first. I started by wearing black jeans and t-shirts, then moved up from there, added the boots, the coat, the hair, then started getting more old fashioned clothing and so on.

Basicly, you have to force them to deal with you. But expose them to it gradually. Educate them about gothic fashion and the gothic subculture. Show them how rich in literature and music and art it is. Show them how unprejudiced it is. How open minded, literate, and creative most goths people are. Also, since they seem concerned about it, show them that gothic people has nothing to do with bad actions. If you have to, point out connections to mourning clothing. Stress that this is what makes you feel comfortable, and what feels 'right'. Its not a phase, something you're doing for the shock value, but simply expressing yourself in a manner that feels right.

Also stress that you're still the same daughter, granddaughter, neice, cousin that they've always known. Eventually, if they truly love you, they should come to accept you even with your gothic fashion choices.

Thanks to Jenn.

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