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Gothic fashion Timeline really began in the late 1950s in America with the baby boomers. Mostly people then who wanted to go away from the norm became beatnicks As pioneers in the whole gothic fashion idea, the main characteristics of these goths were based on very dark and historically accurate fashion ideas.

Shortly after this began, people also started getting into the wiccan religion and being part of the begginnings of the gothic subculture, that was based deeply in ancient celtic religions.

Right now we are around the hippy era, when everybody else is going for love and peace, around 1970s. With Charles Manson's historic murders came the beginnings of a hippy-punk subculture which focused on death as a means of peace and reality. They were the type of people who are now considered to be the death gothic stereotype put on so many different groups of goths. They were involved in the gothic subculture as cults and were the first people to really live a "gothic life" and not just wear the fashion of gothic clothing.

Around 1980, a woman and her new husband murdered her parents as a rites of passage into her married life. She admitted that wiccan practices were what led her to what she did. Manson used the the last Beatles song, "Topsy Turvy," as an excuse to justify his cold-blooded murders. Our generation of gothic fashionhave to pay the price for this generation's actions.

In the early '80s, what led to the disco era lead to the cyber-punk and cyber-gothic subcultures: widely available dance clubs with fast, mechanized drum beats that would lead in the late '90s to the techno music that was so popular.

However, these early club-going gothics were not near the amount of punks this era brought out. Based on punk music (grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock), and what we know today as disfunctional families, this generation grew up morally dry, which defined their generation.

Also, the more wide availability of hair dyes and bleaches made punks the pioneers of gothic hairdos. Slightly after this was Glam with a band we know as KISS. Though they weren't the first, their public following was what boosted the glam rock subculture.

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