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What is the timeline of goth fashion, as in, when did fashion styles make their debut in gothic subculture? Dedicated to the babygoths and eldergoths who actually saw these fashions as they first arrived on the gothic fashion scene.

Goth is also a source of freedom. There aren't many other subcultures that tolerate (if not encourage) the dismantling of gender-based dress codes. I value the creative freedom that the gothic fashion has to offer. I enjoy seeing the ways in which other goths adorn themselves, quite possibly as much as I enjoy getting dressed up with gothic clothing myself.

I also see gothic fashion as a very diverse fashion style. It has changed greatly from the early punk and deathrock days. There are so many different styles of music, literature, and fashion to choose from. The gothic fashion styles has become very rich, culturally speaking.

New Romantic gothic fashion started in about 1980 with Adam Ant in '81. The Dior Look, which in certain forms was quite Gothic in its extremity, Neo-Victorian gothic fashion started in about 1946-47, which is a mix of late Victorian and Edwardian (I've found that the majority of Goths can't tell the difference) started as part of the New Romantic look. Actual Victorian fashion had a long run and involved several fashion shift, incuding a move from small hoops to large ones, and then towards the bustle. The gothic corset is also associated with the Victorian era, and went through several changes before moving to the extreme wasp-waist, and then beginning to fade in the late Edwardian era.

The 1920s fashion involved binding undergarments to flatten the chest, but no corsets. Edward Gorey quotes from the period and the earlier Edwardian period in his drawings. The colors grow more vibrant during the Victorian era (reflecting the invention of aniline dyes and the color mauve) and eventually fade to more basic gothic colors during the day during the Edwardian era. Men's gothic clothing in the Victorian period went from extremely fitted around the waist and padded in the shoulders, to what came close to a deconstructed suit.

The gothic fashion pants also became less fitted, and black became the official color for men who were not on holiday or at sporting events (where one could wear whites, creams, stripes, plaids, and the colors blue, green and red), except for waistcoats, which could still be colorful. The Dandies, artistic men who could be as austere in dress as they were innovative and disturbing in art and writing, would sometimes wear flowing silk ties and wear outre flowers in their lapels.

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