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The way I see it, except for the advent of glitter over the last few years, there aren't really gothic fashion trends, like there are in mainstream fashion style and high-end designer styles.

There are more staples (corsets, velvet, long skirts, fishnet) than anything else. I'm sure someone outside the gothic fashion scene would look at a bunch of goths and say, "they all look the same." And certain people are a little more narrow-minded when it comes to their definition of the physical appearance of a gothic people: "oh, she's not wearing Corset from goth store, and her shoes are not Stylish...for shame!"

Like any other subculture, there is a gothic fashion look and a style to it. Some gothic people may dress that way only because they want to, but on another level, I believe it's also to fit in with their surroundings and peers. Who wants to go to a club full of fabulously dressed people, wearing jeans? "I want to look fabulous, too!".

So I think that if you don't want to be identified with the gothic subculture, you wouldn't dress like it, right? And since there's a pretty distinctive look to it, it's hard to really change it up, I mean that it's hard for some people. In gothic clubs you will see the cliched gothic fashion look. Maybe it's for a lack of creativity, maybe it's because it's easier to go to gothic fashion store and buy a whole outfit, or maybe it's just because there isn't much out there in terms of something new. So I guess I see all sides of it. Sure, you can critique a lack of creativity, but in a scene with so many gothic fashion cliches, it's easy just to go with the flow.

On the other hand I'm sure there are few gothic fashion trends. Start keeping your eye out for the number of different similarities. I often like looking for the first attempt at something and seeing if it catches on. Someone was once speaking about seeing if he could make gothic masks, a common site at the club. So far, masks are kept for Halloween fashion. I've often seen the loner in a hood which covers the face. That one doesn't seem to be catching on here either. There is gothic fashion, but there are also gothic fashion trends from time to time. and the best things is that you can create the new gothic fashion trends !

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