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I do not recommend going into any field solely to be able to dress with the finest gothic fashion at work. At the same time, however, I personally wouldn't be comfortable working at any company that had extremely stringent dress codes, and my employment choices have always been made with that as a factor. Plus, the level of goth expression has varied over the years, so sometimes you can be more comfortable with more "mundane" dress than you are now.

If you're in a field that is very highly skilled and/or highly creative, unusual dress is usually more accepted. IS/IT/web/tech support people I know get away with weirder/sloppier clothes and more of the "urban primitive" look. However, all those people work at software-development, internet and computer-game companies, which are generally more lenient about that stuff. Staff IS people at large law firms or insurance companies don't tend to get quite as much leeway.

I've seen a lot of creative dress in graphic design--generally more dressy than the tech people, but not "corporate." Graphic design folk, understandbly, are very concerned with the "look" of things, and personal style is high-priority. The attitude the company is trying to give off will influence that. I was permitted vintagegoth looks and dark but within-normal-color-range makeup when I worked at a graphic-design firm, but more industrial looks were out, because they wanted a very clean, striking, but elegant attitude for the company.

And the smaller the company, the more likely it is you can get away with more creative wardrobe choices. The degree of public contact will influence that as well. I've gotten away with pleather, strong eyes and wacky earrings at a government-contract systems-development firm; black hair, strong lips and boots with suits in a sales position at a reunion-planning firm. The trick, in all cases, is to gauge what is appropriate, match that at first and then take small steps beyond it until you become uncomfortable or someone tells you to stop. I've never been told to stop.

And then again, I know a goth who taught philosophy at a Catholic university while she had a pierced tongue and dyed-white, close-cropped hair. The Jesuits weren't crazy about it, but she was good at what she did, so they didn't make an issue of it. If you're good enough at what you do, a lot may be permitted.

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