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The term gargoyle comes from the old french word gargouille which mean throat. It describe the sound that is produced when water passes through the throat and mixes with air, therefore A true gothic gargoyle is a waterspout. In the medival sculpting gargoyle means throwing the water off roofs. In Egypt, gargoyles spilled the dirty water from the temples. And in Greek temples , the water from roofs passed through the mouths of lions. Even in europe we can find sculptures of gargoyles creatures hanging at the top of buildings such as castles, cathedrals and churchs.

Gothic Gargoyles were the solutions for too different problems: fear and water, which gave them spiritual and physical powers. In the old ages people wanted to be protected from the evil of the world, it was believed that those sculptures can banish the dark spirits, and also the gargoyles looks like gurads on the walls and therefore can keep away thieves, gangs and army attacks. The gargoyle sculpture had another useage, it was used not only to clean the temples from evil and criminals but also to clean the building itself, to catch rainwater and throw it clear of a building. This is the reason that Gargoyles combined physical and spiritual powers.

There is also a ledgend on how the gothic gargoyles made it to the top of the structures. A fierce dragon named La Gargouille lived in the river near Paris and devoured ships and men. The village was saved by Saint Romanis. After the battle, the creature was set ablaze and its head and neck survived to be mounted on a building. This practice spread and La Gargouille may have become the model for gargoyles.

Some believe that gothic gargoyles represent deep rooted elements within human nature, either by the love of the grotesque or man's subconscience fears. Some also believe that gargoyles were inspired by the remains of prehistoric beasts such as dinosaurs and giant reptiles. Still others will argue that they are vestiges of Peganism from an age when God would be heard in trees and river plains. Many gargoyles are similar to the ledgends and figures of the ancient Celts.

Gothic Gargoyles can be dragons, men, cats, bats, frogs, serpents and countless others. They are still being carved today with many having a modern, mystical theme. Gargoyles have been with man for hundreds of years, and they still seem to inspire the imagination of modern society.

Gothic Portalgothic portalHorrifying Creaturesgothic portalGothic Gargoyles